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Drainage Systems


Finn Christensen and Son holds the solution for your drainage system problems. Whether water is collecting in a basement, yard, walkway, patio, or downspout runoff, we are here to remove it. Standing water, a pool of water that does not flow, can cause damage to your home's foundation and landscaping. With our drainage system techniques, standing water is efficiently and swiftly removed. We put water back in its place, dispersing it into the subsurface where it can filter naturally through the soil. We meet local regulations to protect the property of homeowners, all while maintaining a clean environment.

Each yard has a unique situation which requires a custom designed system in order to drain water efficiently. Any changes to your yard and property, such as constuction or new landscaping design, can affect the way water drains from your property and house. We will review your landscape and water problems to ensure that the proper components are used in your yard. The components of our drainage systems include channels, basins, grates, and flow techniques to discharge excess water. Used in coordination these components allow us to manage and control surface water while providing enhanced visual appeal.

Since there is not a set system that will work in all yards, you need to have a trained drainage contractor examine the water drainage problem(s) and design the proper solution. So if you need your yard drained properly, contact Finn Christensen and Son today, servicing the Racine and Kenosha area!