There are a number of factors that put your home at risk for basement flooding, seepage, or structural failure. One issue is the condition and ongoing maintenance of your gutters and downspouts. Your biggest source of water is the roof of your home, and this water needs to be kept away from your foundation.

Another issue is the slope of the surrounding landscape around your home. This area needs to shed water away from your foundation.


  • Simple solutions start with periodic cleaning of your gutters. Four to six times a year is not too much.
  • Second is extending downspouts and securing them to be sure gutter discharge is far enough away from the home's foundation.
  • Third, inspecting the slope of the soil around the home every year during spring cleanings will make it easier to identify low spots which then can be filled in.

If these tips do not improve your foundation water issues, call Finn Christensen and Son for a comprehensive solution designed specifically for your home or business.