Located in Southeastern Wisconsin, Finn Christensen and Son understands the four season weather events that hit the Racine and Kenosha areas. From sub-zero winters that bring heaps of snow to humid summers that encourage mildew and mold buildup, we are basement waterproofing, drain tile, drainage system, and foundation building experts.

Basement Waterproofing

Expert basement waterproofing and sump pump solutionsWaterproofing, water control, and wet basement repair services from Finn Christensen and Son are the most trusted in the Racine and Kenosha area. Leaking basements is our specialty in which we guarantee no water leaks through our waterproofing process, permanently protecting homes from moisture seepage. We create strong, affordable, secure basement foundations that give homeowners the assurance and protection they deserve. So if you have a leaky basement, call Finn Christensen and Son as soon as possible for a dry, clean and odor-free basement environment!

Drain Tiles

Drainage tiles are one of the most important aspects of construction. Drain tiles keep the surrounding area dry, allowing the ground water to filter. Usually deeply buried, they can be difficult to modify, meaning proper installation is key. A foundation drain tile system has four main components: the drain tile (pipe), the filter media (gravel), the gravel cover, and the water outlet. All of these elements must be installed for the system to function properly. Finn Christensen and Son are professionals at drain tile installation and repairs. We guarantee no water seepage will occur when we install exterior or interior drain tile. Contact Finn Christensen and Son today if you are in need of drain tiles!

Drainage Systems

Finn Christensen and Son holds the solution for your drainage system problems. Whether water is collecting in a basement, yard, walkway, patio, or downspout runoff, we are here to remove it. Standing water, a pool of water that does not flow, can cause damage to your home's foundation and landscaping. With our drainage system techniques, standing water is efficiently and swiftly removed. We put water back in its place, dispersing it into the subsurface where it can filter naturally through the soil. We meet local regulations to protect the property of homeowners, all while maintaining a clean environment.

Each yard has a unique situation which requires a custom designed system in order to drain water efficiently. Any changes to your yard and property, such as construction or new landscaping design, can affect the way water drains from your property and house. We will review your landscape and water problems to ensure that the proper components are used in your yard. The components of our drainage systems include channels, basins, grates, and flow techniques to discharge excess water. Used in coordination, these components allow us to manage and control surface water while providing enhanced visual appeal.

Since there is not a set system that will work in all yards, you need to have a trained drainage contractor examine the water drainage problem(s) and design the proper solution. So if you need your yard drained properly, contact Finn Christensen and Son today - servicing the Racine and Kenosha area!

Foundation RepairFoundation repairs and maintenance helps keep a basement dry

“The condition (of bowed foundations) will not stabilize. It’s a question of how much time remains."

Chief Appraiser, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Finn Christensen and Son offers foundation services. Concrete block foundations resist the pressure of water, which can otherwise seep through cracks. Offering repair services, we are experts at filling cracks and waterproofing troubled areas. Bowing or buckling in basement walls indicate problems in the foundation and should be repaired as soon as possible. Reinforcement of a solid foundation will treat basement weaknesses and straighten out bowed walls. So if you are in need of a newly constructed or updated foundation, contact Finn Christensen and Son today!


The slope of the terrain around your home can either help or hinder your foundation's fight against water seepage. Grading is the process of smoothing out land, providing a stable foundation for a home. When the foundation isn't sound, water seepage and other detrimental problems come into play. Grading provides a suitable topography to control eroding soil, surface runoff, and leakage.

Finn Christensen and Son can level disrupted or eroded areas to protect the landscape of your home. We will ensure that the grading around your home prevents water runoff from attacking your foundation. Call Finn Christensen and Son today for a problem-free foundation!


Sewer and water line maintenance

Sewer and Water Lines

Finn Christensen and Son can help you with your sewer lines. Whether they are leaking or just need to be replaced, we can help. The city or water utility is only responsible for maintaining and replacing the pipes that are in their system. Homeowners are responsible for the pipes that connect their home or building to the city's water and sewer systems. These pipes are designed to last a long time and therefore are expensive to repair and replace.

Whether it is your sanitary sewer system or your water line, we can help ensure that the water comes to and leaves your property without leaks or added dangers. Most leaks and backups can lead to costly repairs, but can be avoided or planned for in order to prevent additional damage to your water and sewer system or your family's health. Our technicians are fully trained to diagnose the problem and quickly repair the issue the proper way. Call Finn Christensen and Son today at the first sign of any problems with your sewer and water lines.

Septic Systems

Services Include:

  • Mound Systems
  • Holding Tanks
  • Conventional SystemsSeptic system maintenance and installation

Lead Water Pipes

Lead pipes were used to construct water systems for years. With time, these pipes corrode and the lead can seep in to the water supply. It is necessary to replace these lead pipes in order to effectively stop the lead from entering the city's water supply. The city is only responsible for replacing the sections of lead pipe that are on public land, which leaves the homeowners to cover the cost of replacing pipes that lead from the street in to the house.