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Sewer and Water Lines

Finn Christensen & Son Inc. can help you with your sewer lines. Whether they are leaking or just need to be replaced we can help. The city or water utility is only responsible for maintaining and replacing the pipes that are in their system. Homeowners are responsible for the pipes that connect their home or building to the city's water and sewer systems. These pipes are designed to last a long time and therefore are expensive to repair and replace.

Whether it is your sanitary sewer system or your water line we can help ensure that the water comes to and leaves your property without leaks or added dangers. Most leaks and backups can lead to costly repairs, but can be avoided or planned for in order to prevent additional damage to your water and sewer system or your family's health. Our technicians are fully trained to diagnose the problem and quickly repair the issue the proper way. Call Finn Christensen today at the first sign of any problems with your sewer and water lines.

Lead Water Pipes

Lead pipes were used to construct water systems for years. With time these pipes corrode and the lead can seep in to the water supply. It is necessary to replace these lead pipes in order to effectively stop the lead from entering the city's water supply. The city is only responsible for replacing the sections of lead pipe that are on public land, which leaves the homeowners to cover the cost of replacing pipes that lead from the street in to the house.

The Racine Water Utility has received funding in October 2016 to help offset the costs for homeowners to replace any lead pipes that connect to the city's water system. In order to qualify for the program homeowners must contact a pre-qualified contractor trained and trusted by the city for lead remediation. Finn Christensen and Son is a pre-qualified contractor and we are ready to help you with your lead pipe replacement. The funding is small so call us soon before the offer has passed and you have to pay for the complete replacement out of pocket.